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From: Beecher Hudson, President

Subject: New Kentucky Public Transit Website

I want to encourage each member to send information to Shirley Cummins or Pam Shepherd that you would like to go on the website. Please realize that the website will only be as good as we make it. We need you to send us your agency website or company website so that we can enter it on to our website.

Together we can make this one of the best association websites in the country.




Updates, changes or KPTA news items will be posted here. 

ARCHIVE:  Do you recognize your van in this photo? 

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News Flash!

KPTA Recognized by CTAA as 2014 State Association of the Year

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2015 ~ Ms. Cindy PowersRecognized by Kentucky Transportation CabinetRecognized by Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office of Transportation Delivery

Congratulations Cindy!!   Once again, Ms. Cindy Powers of Audubon Area Services - GRITS Transportation has been recognized for "Subcontractor Submission Award for an outstanding job in organizing, and submitting HSTD subcontractor information.  The award presentation was made by Debby Ballard, Medicaid Specialist III of the Human Service Transportation Delivery (HSTD) Office of Transportation Delivery.  Shown in the photo is Ms. Powers with Jeremy Thompson, Branch Manager HSTD.

2014 ~ Ms. Powers Recognized by Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office of Transportation Delivery (OTD) 

During the August 2014 meeting of CTAC, Jeremy Thompson, OTD presented an award to Ms. Cindy Powers for "Subcontractor Submission Award - Fiscal Year 2014" for an outstanding job in gathering, organizing, and submitting HSTD subcontractor information.  Previous honorees include Liza Morrow of Sandy Valley Transportation and Kevin Leek of FTSB.  Dan Lanham, Transportation Director of GRITS  stated "I am very proud of Cindy's accomplishment."

2012 ~ Sandy Valley Transportation Recognized by Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office of Transportation Delivery  (OTD)

Joyce Hinkle and Liza Morrow were recently awarded the Subcontractor Submission Award for FY 2012.  This award was presented by Jeremy Thompson, Branch Manager of the Human Service Transportation Delivery, Office of Transportation Delivery located within the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. 



2011 Transportation Cabinet Office of Transportation Delivery (OTD)  Kevin Leek of FTSB was recognized for his outstanding submittal of Subcontractor/HSTD information to the Kentucky Office of Transportation delivery (OTD). 

 Kentucky "Transit Day" Held February 13, 2014!

Governor Steve Beshears proclaimed Thursday, February 13, 2014 at Kentucky Public Transit Day.  Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson presented the proclamation to KPTA President, Beecher Hudson, CEO of Louisville Wheels.  Transit agencies presented a request for $1 million in funding to provide transportation for veterans. More than 100 people gathered at the Capitol Rotunda, including veterans, transit customers and their representatives.   Representative Jimmy Higdon sponsored  SB 139 for transit funding for veterans. 

 KPTA President, Beecher Hudson introduced the guest speakers at "Transit Day" including Vickie Bourne, Executive Director of Office of Transportation Delivery, Margaret Plattner, Deputy Commissioner of Kentucky Veterans Administration and Juva Barber, President of Kentuckians for Better Transportation.  Other speakers were J. Barry Barker, TARC and Rocky Burke, LexTran.  Gina  Douthat, TANK’s Director of Communications & Development was present to represent TANK of Northern Kentucky.

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  Beecher Hudson, KPTA President and CEO of Louisville Wheels discussed the need for more funds to provide public transit for veterans and introduced the guest speakers.

    Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson presented the Transit Day Proclamation on behalf of the Governor. 

Vickie Bourne, Executive Director, Office of Transportation Delivery/KYTC                          





Margaret Plattner, Deputy Commissioner of Veterans Affairs


  Juva Barber, Executive Director, Kentuckians for Better Transportation (KBT) 

Scenes from Transit Day at the Capitol 



A display table was available near the Capitol Annex Cafeteria and elevators to provide information about the transit systems.  Thanks to agency leaders for taking care of the table and distributing materials to visitors and Legislators.

capitol The Capitol never looked better than it does with all the buses on display.

gov mansion    Ms. Linda Stevens, Capitol Coordinator has been very helpful with our group.

dale linda Dale Shelton and Linda Proctor at the Capitol.  Shelton  parked transit vehicles for the Transit Day at the Capitol.

Several veterans were in attendance for Kentucky Public Transit Day.  Shown is Mike Dixon, retired from United States Navy and area manager at RTEC in Mt. Vernon.  Dixon accompanied passengers to the Transit Day.



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