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From: Beecher Hudson, President

Subject: New Kentucky Public Transit Website

I want to encourage each member to send information to Shirley Cummins or Pam Shepherd that you would like to go on the website. Please realize that the website will only be as good as we make it. We need you to send us your agency website or company website so that we can enter it on to our website.

Together we can make this one of the best association websites in the country.


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The Kentucky Public Transit Association, Inc. (KPTA) was established in 1981 as an association of public and community transportation systems throughout the Commonwealth. Today, KPTA membership has grown to include over 60 transportation systems and vendors and suppliers serving the transportation industry.

KPTA is governed by an elected Board of Directors that meet bi-monthly. All members are welcome to attend.   A biannual membership meeting of KPTA is held at such time and at such place as the Board of Directors may decide. Each member is given reasonable notice by the President. Officers and directors serve a term of two years. 

KPTA holds a bi-annual Conference for all members in conjunction with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Transportation Delivery.  This Conference features presentations on topics of interest, updates on federal and state funding, training sessions, and displays of equipment and information.  KPTA also publishes a bi-monthly newsletter focusing on current events in public and community transportation.

The purposes of the Kentucky Public Transit Association are:

  • To disseminate information to the public and to officials of government agencies at all levels concerning the capability of public transportation to assist in the solution of pressing social problems including, but not by way of limitation, energy conservation, economic inflation, environmental pollution, and urban congestion;

  • To sponsor, administer, and report upon projects and programs of all types designed to improve the efficiency, economy, and utility of public transportation systems;

  • To coordinate research and investigations and to provide a forum for the sharing of the results of such research and investigations;

  • To promote the further development and use of all forms of public transportation facilities and services;   

  • To establish and maintain cooperative relations with federal, state, and local government agencies, officials and employees; and

  • To otherwise promote the interests of Kentucky public transportation systems.

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